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Overview of the Digital Communications Transformation

Every unit across campus is strongly encouraged to participate in the Digital Communications Transformation (DCT).

A university-wide initiative, the DCT is backed by extensive research on Web users and is aimed at helping units across UB’s campuses to both create and manage more effective websites that resonate with their target audiences.

The Digital Communications Transformation (DCT) gives you tools and processes for a more strategic approach to planning and managing your Web communications.
The Digital Communications Transformation (DCT) gives you the ability to easily create, maintain and refresh your unit's online content, enabling you to more effectively reach and influence your target audiences.
Follow these steps and your department will be well on its way toward a vastly improved online presence.
The DCT is a significant endeavor that involves many units across UB's campuses. The following units are charged with the Digital Communications Transformation project’s success.
The UB Web Management Site was developed to serve as a self-help site for campus entities involved in the DCT. However, there are departments available to provide support and guidance along the way.

To assist UB entities in navigating the DCT process, we've developed a multi-step plan.