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UB Web Management

Transforming UB’s digital communications through process and tools

Overview of the Digital Communications Transformation

Every unit across campus is strongly encouraged to participate in the Digital Communications Transformation (DCT).

A university-wide initiative, the DCT is backed by extensive research on Web users and is aimed at helping units across UB’s campuses to both create and manage more effective websites that resonate with their target audiences.

The Digital Communications Transformation (DCT) gives you tools and processes for a more strategic approach to planning and managing your Web communications.
The Digital Communications Transformation (DCT) gives you the ability to easily create, maintain and refresh your unit's online content, enabling you to more effectively reach and influence your target audiences.

We're taking the fear out of technology, while showing our faculty and staff how to communicate effectively online.

Every unit goes through the DCT Process differently. Based on the type of unit you are, and the resources you are able to bring to the table your experience with the DCT Process is tailored to you. No matter what tier you participate in, or how rapidly you choose to execute the process, each unit goes through all the DCT Steps in a depth appropriate to their unit.