Documentation Update: Event List | Known Issue for DAM | Code Deployment

Updated June 15, 2018

UBCMS documentation is regularly updated to reflect changes in the system and your needs. Read about the recent changes by the Help Desk team.

Updates for the week ending June 15, 2018

  • Event List (More component) - Clarified that the 'no events' statement provided by the events calendar feed takes priority over the UBCMS setting. Only if no text is provided in the calendar feed will the UBCFMS text be shown.
  • Drag and Drop Files into the DAM Fails (Known Issue) - Files drag-and-dropped into the Digital Assets area accessed through the Websites Admin COnsole fail, instead loading into the browser as a preview. This is normal functionality and will not be 'fixed.'
  • Code Deployment
    • 6/13/2018
      • A variety of bug fixes, including List randomization (now more random); Reports CSV download link working in all browsers again; RSS feeds should be refreshing cleanly again.