Redirect Page

Build a shared content page that will automatically redirect visitors to another Web page.


The UBCMS supports a special type of page that simply serves as a built-in redirect from its apparent location to the actual page on your site. These can be built in Shared Content or as a regular Web page, using the appropriate template.

  1. In either part of the UBCMS, create a New Page and choose the Redirect template.
  2. Open the page and then open the single editable spot on the page: Redirect to.
    (NB. because no components can be added to this page, your Sidekick will look empty.)
  3. In the settings dialog box, choose between:
    • Redirect to file - Provide an asset from the DAM or uploaded from your desktop.
    • Redirect to page - Enter a complete external URL ('http://...') or use the magnifying glass chooser to select a UBCMS page.
  4. Click OK and activate this page.

Dropdown list showing page template choices.

A redirect page, opened for editing.

Redirect page settings.