Websites Console

The Websites Console is the main control center for your Web design.

Page Tree. Located in the left sidebar, the Page Tree is labeled Websites and lists web pages (parents and children) that are in the UBCMS.

  • To expand the view of a folder and parent page, click the + icon that is to the left of the file name or click on a folder or parent page.
  • You can collapse the entire Page Tree by clicking on the small gray arrow fixed within the sidebar’s border.

The page tree in the websites console.

Navigational Icons. Located at the top of the Websites Console, these are the same square icons that appear on the Welcome Screen. Click the camera icon to go to the DAM. The globe icon transfers you to the Websites Console. Others will appear as you gain additional roles in the UBCMS.

The navigational icons in the websites console.

Page List. The main area of the Websites Console. Click on an item in the Page Tree to do the following in the Page List:

  • View a page’s Title and Name
  • Find out whether the page has been published
  • Learn when it was last modified
  • See what kind of template it uses
  • Find out if it is locked or in a workflow

The page list in the websites console.

Commands Menu. This appears above the Page List and allows you to:

  • Refresh the Page List.
  • Add a New page, site, live copy, file or folder.
  • Copy a selected page.
  • Paste a copied page.
  • Delete a selected page. (Always deactivate first!)
  • Move a selected page to another part of your site. (Or use to rename a page.)
  • Activate (publish) a page.
  • Deactivate (un-publish) a page.
  • Tools:
    • Language Copy (please ignore).
    • Find & Replace: Find and optionally substitute text on your pages.
    • Restore: Retrieve deleted or previously saved versions of pages.
    • References: View a list of other pages that link to, or incorporate this content.
    • Download (please ignore).
    • Roll-out (please ignore).
Changing Page Order

The order of pages in the tree effects the order your pages will be displayed in site navigation and lists.

There is no tool to change sort order, instead you manually drag and drop the page in the desired new order.
> read more about Sorting Pages

The commands menu in the websites console.

Search. Located in the top left corner, the Search tab provides a customizable full text search of UBCMS page content.  

The search tool in the websites console.

Dropdown Toolbar. The following features of the Websites Console are located in the upper right corner:

  • Sign out: Use to log out of UBCMS.
  • Set Password: Please ignore. Passwords are the system-wide defaults that are controlled through UBit.
  • Notification Inbox: Please ignore.
  • Preferences: Adjust settings, such as whether a page opened for editing appears in a new window.
  • Impersonate as: Please ignore. This is used by the Help Desk to triage problems.

The dropdown toolbar in the websites console.