Stewarding Your Site

Woman working at her desktop PC.

Most people underestimate the time and effort needed to keep a website operating efficiently. Stewarding a website means that you carefully and responsibly manage the site, keeping pages fresh and making sure that a site continues to meet users' needs. To make the concept of long-term stewardship more manageable, focus your efforts on four key areas: “Planning,” “Analytics,” “Strategy” and “Team.”

You should plan for stewardship before your website goes live. A good plan identifies who will be in charge of stewarding each area of your site, as well as how often pages, facts and stories should be updated.
A good steward uses website statistics, called “analytics,” to understand how visitors are using a site. Are people viewing content and clicking on links? Analytics can help determine what’s working on your site – and how you can improve.
Each member of your Web team should understand the business strategy of your site and work to ensure that any updates align with that strategy.
As you move from building to stewarding your website, the make-up of your Web team will change. Key team members who help steward of a website include the Site Owner, Site Manager, Content Owner and Web Strategist.