Here are all the patches, updates and improvements we have made in 2012.


  • created "@buffalo.edu"(UB email) form constraint
  • changed "http-equiv" to "name" in <meta> tags
  • added <meta> tag with date from "Date Created" component
  • made shared content meta keywords and date show through host pages


  • switched UBCMS author hardware to linux/x86 platform


  • switched UBCMS publisher/dispatcher hardware to linux/x86 platform


  • added "divisions" tab to SMBS faculty browser
  • removed extra dash from e-mail form


  • added and adjusted components, styling, etc for UB Mobile
  • changed some log configurations to make error logs cleaner


  • added mobile styling for download, tables; added host mode to mobile pages
  • removed anti-spam fields from form email
  • changed privacy link in simplefooter for sites in the "www" area
  • created new page template: wide page (no left navigation)


  • Design mode had not been working properly since Aug. 8, 2012. After a minor change, design mode is functioning normally.


  • changed Apache configuration to use new error pages. Better-looking error pages will be used in more cases than before, such as when a "Bad Gateway" page is given because CMS publishers are down, or a proxy error page, such as from old www.buffalo.edu sites would have been used.


  • updated ubmobile: jQuery Mobile 1.2, buildings, error handling, offline mode
  • updated batch scripts
  • fixed hiding of scaffolding button in sidekick since hotfixes
  • updated external component and subcomponents (search, faculty browser, faculty profile):
  • added more detailed logging
  • added better error handling (proper error message, rather than a truncated page)
  • added configurable timeout settings in dialog boxes


  • adjusted publisher outbound firewall state table size to fix dropped connections in embed components and possibly elsewhere (proxy)


  • enabled configuration of connection timeout for faculty browser component


  • updated UB Mobile


  • updated UB Mobile


  • fixed problem with Firefox 15 and shared content
  • updated error pages (not yet installed in apache)
  • updated shared content page properties to include hide in nav and vanity URL settings
  • improved HTML editor in HTML snippet (using code mirror editor plugin; no change in IE)


  • included UB Mobile code branch


  • Functionality changes
    • fixed bug in YouTube playlist component
    • added user list report


  • Configuration changes
    • updated settings to enable password-protected pages with Shibboleth


  • Functionality changes
    • added preliminary code for password-protected pages with Shibboleth


  • Functionality changes
    • added keywords to DAM asset editor for images


  • Functionality changes
    • modified the Photo Slideshow component to accommodate DAM image descriptions that are stored as String arrays
  • Design changes
    • changed a CSS rule so that Photo Slideshow descriptions on author display as white rather than gray when used in shared content
    • fixed top nav right link wrapping issue in mobile devices


  • Functionality changes
    • updated photo slideshow - moved “more info” toggle to navigation bar and renamed to “SHOW CAPTIONS/HIDE CAPTIONS. Now only displays description associated with the DAM images.
  • Design changes
    • corrected link formatting in callout component


  • Functionality changes
    • changed the default hint on the reCAPTCHA component
    • updated deployment process to be more reliable


  • Functionality changes
    • added honeypot and timestamp for form spam prevention
    • fixed bug using reCAPTCHA component with client-side form validation
    • updated jquery.address to fix JavaScript error in IE
  • Design changes
    • fixed various font rendering and spacing issues on Windows (IE and Firefox)


  • Functionality changes
    • added reCAPTCHA component
    • fixed error with client-side form validation with link spam constraint
  • Design changes
    • fixed spacing (overlapping) of form validation error messages


  • Functionality changes
    • fixed external embed component use with shared reference component “dynamic reference” option
    • updated jQuery, fixing wrapping of carousels and photo slide show after too many images (too wide)


  • Functionality changes
    • added redirect option to unstructured shared content page (and news article page) dialog
    • added button and callout components to right sidebar/home page columns
    • added query builder examples to demo site
    • fixed list component display full content
    • fixed links to demo site in new page templates
  • Design changes
    • adjusted button styling, alignment
    • updated faculty profile CSS


  • Functionality changes
    • added styles to teaser.css to style mentor links


  • Functionality changes
    • added new callout component
    • added new button component
    • added new photo slideshow component
    • deprecated existing simple slideshow component (no longer visible in sidekick, but will still work if already on a page)


  • Functionality and design changes
    • new CAP code (for RAVE integration) and styles for emergency site


  • Functionality changes
    • revised tag name spaces available in faces and voices, highlights, and news articles