Calendar Support

UB’s event calendar is the place to publish and find our sponsored activities.

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Best Practices

Highlight your events so that they will be featured on the calendar and considered for a spot on UB’s homepage calendar feed.

Promote your virtual events. Add login details for Zoom, Webex or other software (or to a UB webpage with that information) in your event’s description.

Where appropriate, apply 'universal' interest Feed Keywords to broadly promote events that are about sustainability (ubgreen-event) or diversity and inclusion (inclusion-event).

Hundreds of exciting events are held each year by UB’s schools, departments and divisions. Once your event is planned, your next step should always be to add it to the event calendar. Once you do, it’s easy to share your event on websites, social media, emails and more.

Your event is eligible to be published on the calendar if it is sponsored by or affiliated with UB schools, departments or centers. Unaffiliated events will not be published. 

At UB, each unit assigns a calendar team lead (often the senior communicator) who is responsible for approving calendar contributors, assigning roles and establishing and communicating the unit’s standards and processes for event publication.

For help with the event calendar, please email the UB Calendar Team