A New Way of Thinking About Your Website

Website issues, we’ve all been there—out-of-date content, broken HTML links and cumbersome programming errors. And when you put in a request to your support team for updates, who knows how long you might have to wait until a minor change is made to your site, which hasn’t been redesigned in many years.

The Digital Communications Transformation (DCT) changes all that for UB. We’ve reduced the amount of effort needed to create your website with an easy-to-use content management system, while maximizing what you can get out of your site through a series of guided best practices. Because we believe this is the future of Web communications at UB, we’ve invested our talent, effort and time to help make this transformation a success.

What’s the Point?

Because many visitors are experiencing UB for the first time through our websites, we want their conclusions—about the quality of our programs and the performance of our faculty, staff and students—to be accurate and positive.

Our Website Should Work For Us, Not Against Us

  • recruit top-tier students
  • attract the best and brightest faculty
  • engage our alumni and parents
  • build relationships with our communities—locally and globally

Keys to DCT Success

Strategic: The plan is based on research and thinks about both our visitors and our business needs.

Consistent: Websites created with DCT will allow UB to stand out as a brand that provides quality content and a positive user experience. 

Flexible: The content management system accommodates a wide variety of information needs. Several template options and a large variety of components are available to use in your website design. This allows you flexibility, depending on the needs of your department and your site visitors. 

Sustainable: The content management system and tools can help you find the right balance in supporting your website in a range of ways, depending on the users' expectations and your ability to support them.

Why DCT Will Create a Better User Experience

  • improved navigation
  • up-to-date, essential content
  • ability to use the website to suit information and task-based needs

But you don’t need to do this alone. DCT will provide you with:

  • best practices in Web writing and design
  • shared content, resulting in less redundancy and more up-to-date information
  • insight into understanding and meeting your visitors’ needs
  • power to create and maintain websites with comparative ease
  • involvement in a Web community that is flexible, collaborative and supported
  • more time to carry out strategic solutions instead of making rushed decisions

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