UBCMS Self-Paced Training (Flex UI)

Learn at your own pace with our hands-on videos and exercises.

Choose how you wish to learn:
  1. Take the self-paced course - Follow the steps of the course below, A through D. Each is independent so you can skip sections as desired. (To do the exercises on our Training Server you must first register for a Training account, but if you already have access in Author, you can adapt them to your existing site instead.)

  2. Watch the videos - Skip the hands-on exercises and just watch the demos. You can even just focus on topics that interest you. Using this approach you can select from the course offerings or browse the A-Z Index, and then read the associated documentation for more details as needed.

  3. Just-in-time - No need to register for a training account. Just choose the topics you need, watch the videos and maybe skip the exercises. (For power users or those already familiar with the basics.)
Take the Course A-Z Index

Invest in Yourself

  • Learn these fundamental elements and you will rapidly progress from a novice to a power user.
  • Watch each video then try the short exercises. 
  • The times quoted are for the video tutorials. Budget additional time for the exercises, including an estimated 5-10 minutes for the longer exercises.

Want some high level details?

A. Overview of the UBCMS [11:08]

FAQ: Solutions to Common Issues

B. Understanding the UBCMS Interface [48:05]

C. Understanding How to Build a Page [34:10]

D. Build a Typical Page [61:29]

These modules include the more common used components.

E. Next Steps

Once you have completed the training...

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