Publish a Page

Describes how to publish a page to your live website. [5:08]

Two options for completing this exercise...
  1. Request a Self-Paced account on the Training Server. Then just follow the instructions as is.
  2. If you already have access to the main Author Server, adapt the instructions to fit your own site.


The UBCMS comprises two main server areas, the Author environment, where pages are created and maintained, and the Publishers, where your content is displayed to the public. Author permissions are required to create and edit pages in the Author environment. Then once a page has reached the stage where it can be viewed by the public, someone with Publisher permissions can publish that page, to make it visible to the public.

This process actually sends a copy of the latest version of the page from the Author environment over to the Publishers. In the same manner, a live page that is updated on the Author servers can be published again, so the updated version is sent to your published site.  Or a page that has served its time can be unpublished, pulled off the Publishers, and thus removed from your live website.


1. Log into the UBCMS.

2. Open the Sites Console and navigate to your site; e.g. Sites + Self-Paced Training + {your site}.

3. Select any page you wish to publish, then click Quick Publish from the Commands Menu that is now displayed.

4. This page has now been published.

The Sites Console will show the current timestamp in the Published column. Also any references to this page have been updated, which means if this page is being displayed in a list or carousel on another page, that information will also be current.

This process can also be done in the Edit Console, while editing a page.

  1. Select a page in the Sites Console, click Edit in the Commands Menu.
  2. You are now in the Edit Console.
  3. Click the ‘Equalizer‘ button in the upper left.
  4. Click Publish Page.

Unpublishing a page is similar.

Stay in the Edit Console....

  1. Click the Equalizer button, and then Unpublish Page.
  2. You are asked to Confirm your action.
  3. Your page is now removed from your live website.

However, in the Sites Console, there is no simple way to unpublish a page. You will need to use Manage Publication, which gives a lot more control over the publishing process.

  1. Select your page, then click Manage Publication in the Commands Menu.
  2. A wizard will open, with a series of steps.
  3. If you simply wish to publish or unpublish the page, just choose Unpublish. (You can also Publish this way.)
  4. Then click Next.
  5. Then click Publish and Confirm.
  6. You are returned to the Sites Console where you can confirm the page’s new status.

Using Manage Publication, you can schedule a date and time for delayed action. Be careful -- that decision cannot be changed or revoked later. If the page has child pages that you also wish to publish, or unpublish, click ‘Include Children’ and then select any you wish to process at the same time.

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