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Akamai content delivery network

The Akamai content delivery network (CDN) delivers our Web pages through high-speed 'edge' servers physically located around the globe, instead of through the 'origin' servers directly (our UBCMS servers). The CDN helps accelerate, filter, and secure web traffic. 

Debugging Tools

no custom
  • This trick is good for debugging page problems in live sites and Author.
  • Simply add "?nocustom=1" to the end of the URL in the browser location bar to turn off any custom code that is not normally part of the UBCMS which may be interfering with page behavior.
  • e.g.  compare and
  • nocustom temporarily suppresses:
    • HTML snippets
    • External embeds
    • “Head HTML” from page properties
    • Custom HTML from design properties
    • main.css and main.js from design folders
    • Google Tag Manager
    • Shared Content Reference components directly including CSS or JS files
    • “customize” nodes

rescue mode

  • This trick is good for debugging and fixing page problems in the Author environment. 
  • It reduces the page to a skeleton view, so it is easy to find all the components including any that are hidden. Components can be modified normally, or temporarily turned off, before the page is then re-displayed. Simply add "?rescuemode=1" to the end of the URL in the browser location bar. 
  • e.g. (login required)
  • This does not disable all CSS but renders most components in a data-only way which can block the effects of misbehaving components that might mess up the whole page. It can also reveal empty or invisible components that cannot otherwise be edited or deleted.  

wcm mode

Flex UI Tools