Copy Content to Another Page

Simple keyboard tools to build one page from another (Ctrl-C or click + cut/copy).

Published May 21, 2021


You can copy and paste content from one browser tab to another.

Use the UBCMS Copy and Paste tools for this process.

  1. Open your source page, and your desired target page in two separate browser tabs.
  2. Select the component(s) on your source page (browser tab #1).
  3. Click the Copy tool on the toolbar (don't worry which component's toolbar is displayed).
  4. Switch to the target page (browser tab #2).
  5. Select a spot on the target page and click the Paste tool.
  6. The component(s) should now appear on the source AND target pages.

You can copy multiple components using the Control-click or Group or Shift-click methods. But the process will 'break' if you include a container (e.g. Column Control, Form, or Collapsible Content Container). In that situation, do the process in several steps:

  • Select everything up to the container, and paste it to the target page.
  • Then for each container, copy each's contents as a group, or for columns, copy each column as a separate group.
  • Then select everything after the container and paste that over to the target page.
  • Double check it was all copied over cleanly.

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