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Last reviewed: February 21, 2024


screenshot of Annotations button.

Annotations button

Annotations provide an on-page editorial or stewardship message to yourself or other authors. They are added, viewed, or modified by switching to the Annotation page view. Look for a small icon at the very top right of the window with a number or a "+" in it. The number indicates how many annotations are currently on the page, or it has a "+" if there are currently none. Click the icon to switch to the Annotation view.

Once in the Annotation view, any annotations on the page will be displayed near the component they refer to, as a colored bubble with the annotation fully displayed.

To add a new annotation, click the "+" icon in the UPPER LEFT of the window, then click a component to associate it with. A dialog box will open. Add your message and change the color if desired. Then click off to the side of the dialog box to close and save your changes.

Or click an existing annotation to change the text or color.

To delete an annotation, open it for view and click the trash icon. Each annotation is attached to a component, so deleting that component will also delete any attached annotations.

To return to Edit mode, click the "X" in the UPPER RIGHT of the window.

Drawing Tool

There is also a drawing tool in the annotation dialog box that allows you to draw on the page, e.g. to encircle or draw an arrow to part of the page's contents. This drawing only becomes visible when the annotation is opened for view.

Click the 'Add sketch' icon, then drag the cursor towards the desired part of the page (for an arrow) or roughly around part of the page (for a circle). The UBCMS will attempt to produce a graphical element that matches your drawing (e.g. an arrow for a line or a circle for a roughly circular drawing).

Unlike the text, these drawings cannot be modified. To make any changes, you must delete the entire annotation and start over.

Annotation Report Tool

So you don't have to open every page looking for these notes, use our handy tool to compile a list of all of your annotated pages with their annotations.

Learn more about editing pages

Annotations are used while editing pages in the Edit Console.

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