UBCMS Basics

This page refers to the Flex UI version of the UBCMS.

Flex UI is currently being piloted and will be introduced to all UBCMS users in Spring, 2021

  • 3/28/18
    The UB Content Management System (UBCMS) is a Web-based application that allows you to organize, edit and deliver Web content. Review the pages below to learn how UBCMS is organized and get acquainted with basic system functions. Everyone has access to their websites, shared content and the Digital Assets Manager (DAM) area.
  • 12/15/20
    Get started with the new Flex UI version of UBCMS, currently in a pilot phase.
  • 11/3/20
    New terminology and changes, to help with the transition to the new UBCMS version, currently in a pilot phase.
  • 11/20/20
    Build your pages based on the different types of content that you use.
  • 10/30/20
    Edit the header and customize your footer with social media and other items (Specialists only).

Additional Resources:

  • 9/15/20
    Components are the building blocks of your Web page content.
  • 4/3/19
    Templates allow you to build all the pages and shared content that are used to build your websites.
  • 11/18/20
    UBCMS sites can share selected pieces of content with one another, creating unprecedented opportunities for efficient communication and creative collaboration.