The UBCMS Interface

The UB Content Management System (UBCMS) is a Web-based application that allows you to organize, edit and deliver Web content. Review the pages below to learn how UBCMS is organized and get acquainted with basic system functions. Everyone has access to their websites, shared content and the Digital Assets Manager (DAM) area.

Log in to access the UBCMS tool.
The Websites Console is the main control center for your Web design.
Learn about the floating toolbar named the Sidekick that is used to build and store components, as well as hold the buttons to change system modes.
Search for and insert photos or documents from your computer or the Digital Assets Manager (DAM).
The Content Finder is the left sidebar that appears whenever you are editing a Web page. It appears on every page created in UBCMS. You can minimize or maximize the Content Finder by clicking the small gray arrow fixed within the sidebar’s border.