Advanced Topics

Enhance your site by employing these advanced techniques.

  • 3/19/18
    Place virtual "post-it" notes on your pages in author to help with content management.
  • 10/19/20
    Using Shibboleth, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), and Secure Socket Layers (SSL), it is possible to limit access of your published pages to specific LDAP groups or named UB constituents. 
  • 5/8/20
    To promote efficient, consistent communication on all UB sites, select UBCMS content can be included on non-UBCMS sites. This is a pilot offered to select sites.
  • 3/19/18
    When a visitor attempts to land on a page that no longer exists, display an error page tailored to your website and audience.
  • 6/2/20
    Your pages can be published or taken down automatically by the UBCMS at a predetermined date and time. The UBCMS provides two methods—Delayed Activation vs Scheduling On/Off Time—each with its own pros and cons.
  • 4/18/18
    We provide two demo sites to help you understand how UBCMS components and features work.
  • 4/5/19
    Specialists can add additional component options to pages.
  • 5/24/17
    Build a directory to promote your faculty that has a standardized look and feel, but flexes to support different department needs.
  • 11/2/18
    Locate pages on your site that contain a word or phrase and optionally put another word or phrase in their place.
  • 9/11/19
    Forms are integral to most websites. The UBCMS has an existing set of components to support simple forms. For more complex needs, we encourage you to consider Formstack.
  • 1/22/20
    This setting enables more content to be displayed about your secondary pages, including an optional module.
  • 4/5/19
    Use these special steps to access additional UBCMS functionality.
  • 6/9/20
    A general introduction to building links in the UBCMS.
  • 12/14/16
    Make a copy of an existing page that will reflect any modifications to the original page.
  • 3/12/19
    The UBCMS supports a variety of ways to provide wayfinding tools on your site.
  • 1/16/19
    Display videos from UB's Panopto software on UBCMS pages using the HTML Snippet.
  • 10/31/19
    We have customized how pages print from UBCMS websites.
  • 6/5/19
    Visitors can be automatically switched from one URL to another, using webserver redirects, UBCMS 'vanity URLs' and redirect pages, or third-party URL shorteners. These solve problems from previously published links or help to promote a alternate path to your pages.
  • 8/15/19
    Embed often-used links on the pages of your site.
  • 12/11/15
    Compile data about your pages, including annotations, page status, vanity URLs, tags and use of external resources.
  • 7/30/20
    RSS has been used for some time by websites to share dynamic collections with other sites and visitors. It is well suited for news or announcements and events.
  • 6/2/20
    UB uses a custom version of Google to run our local searches. Site-wide search is a standard UBCMS feature, common on larger or more complex sites.
  • 10/26/18
    Embed Slate content, such as forms, into UBCMS pages.
  • 4/20/20
    Special characters like accents, 'smart quotes' and emojis (emoticons) can be added to text components.
  • 6/2/20
    Provide your visitors and the UBCMS with a higher level of protections.
  • 1/30/18
    By adding tags to your pages, the UBCMS can automatically display your content through list-building components. While tags can be added to any UBCMS pages, they are most powerfully used in conjunction with Shared Content.
  • 6/20/18
    A folder can be interactively embedded in your Web page.
  • 6/11/20
    Some authors need an XML verion for SEO work.
  • 5/29/20
    The UBCMS has no native player, so we encourage you to publish your videos on this free, user-friendly platform.