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For a page that no longer exists, the error page is tailored to your site and audience.

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This feature is only for experienced Web developers.

Last reviewed: May 5, 2022


At times it is helpful to display an error page that is tailored to your website and audience. For example, when a visitor attempts to land on a page that no longer exists, they could get a '404 error' (no such page) that includes special instructions, high traffic links, or branding elements and contact details specific to your own site.

Custom error pages are developed by special request, and are installed for an entire virtual host; e.g. Sites under /content/www/ ( will all use the general default page (see example below).

These error pages are installed on the Apache proxy server, rather than the UBCMS servers, so they cannot be maintained in the author environment like the rest of your website.  

As you develop your page, please beware that future changes will require you to send us a new version and that we can install during normal maintenance windows.  Do not include any content that will need to be changed quickly or frequently.

Creating a Custom Error Page

You may choose to start by making your page in the UBCMS and then copying and adjusting the source code.  We will need the complete page, starting with <DOCTYPE…> or at least <html>. You can start with the default error page if you want, though beware, the CSS in there is hard to change). Just make sure what you send to us is self-contained. Image paths, links, etc, should start with http:// (or better yet, // so it will also work when loaded in a secure https:// mode).

You should be able to drag and drop the main HTML file onto a browser and have it function correctly with all images displayed and links working correctly. 

Once you are comfortable with the look of your page, and it works correctly as described above, create a folder with your custom HTML page and any assets (CSS, images, etc.) necessary to render it.  Then package it up as a zip file and send it to us.

Live Examples

Questions? Ready to send in your page?

Contact the DCT Help Desk to request a custom error page.

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