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Make a copy of an existing page that will reflect any modifications to the original page.

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Live Copy supports custom collections (e.g. a tag-based query from a large selection of shared content pages).  And the live-copied content can then be selectively edited, without impacting the original pages. While this tool supports all sorts of different use cases, an excellent use could be the creation of a custom news feed, where each story can be adjusted and activated as needed

How to Use This Feature

  1. Go to the site admin/tree/list, into where you would like to create the new page that will be a “Live Copy” of an existing page.
  2. Choose “New Live Copy” from the New menu
  3. Enter the Title of the copy and optionally a name. Pick the source page. Let’s go one page at a time for starters, so turn “Exclude sub pages” on. Also...
  4. On the second tab, Sync config, add the Rollout Config “Push on modify”. This will make the Live Copy update when the original is modified. Other choices are none (not so “live” I guess), standard (requires author of the original to initiate update with “rollout” command), on blueprint activation (update when original is published — this might be the most feasible for production, but on-modification will be easiest for experimenting)
  5. Click create.
  6. Any time you edit the Live Copy page, you will be prompted about “canceling inheritance” which means component-by-component, the copy stops inheriting changes from the original. I’m not clear on the fuzzier details, like what happens to the copy when the original adds a component, does content stay in sync if components are rearranged, etc. Those would be interesting tests.
  7. Page properties appear to be inherited field-by-field, unlike the page content, which is component-by-component.
  8. You should also be able to move this page around, rename it, etc. and keep the inheritance. It should basically be a fully normal page, but with some magic links back to the original.


  1. Reports only display what you personally can view in the UBCMS.
  2. Reports CAN see content on secure pages, since thos epages are not actually restricted in the author environment.

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