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Embed Slate content, such as forms, into UBCMS pages.

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Last Reviewed: November 4, 2020

What is Slate?

Slate Technolutions ('Slate') has been adopted by UB offices to handle student recruitment, application generation and processing needs. It has the capability to assist in email and text message communication, reporting, event planning, and travel arrangement, as well as the ability to capture the activity and interaction of a student throughout their admissions life cycle.

Embed Slate Content in Your Page

Content from Slate, such as forms, can be incorporated into your UBCMS website using Slate's embed code and the HTML Snippet component.  

Avoid CSS Conflicts

Authors embedding Slate forms should add additional CSS rules to prevent conflicts with Slate class names (e.g. "header"). These conflicts can interfere with Slate form validations features, such as the address field.

Add the following code in the same HTML Snippet as the Slate embed, or for External Embeds components, in a separate HTML Snippet anywhere on the same UBCMS page.

    .dialog_host .dialog .header {
        position: static;
        height: auto;
    .dialog_host .dialog div {
        margin: 1em 0 0;

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