Facebook Site Ownership

Use of Facebook Business Manager may require Facebook to verify your site's domain.

Last reviewed: May 5, 2022

We have identified several ways this might be done.

  1. Add Open Graph tags to your website to indicate ownership—this does not require the use of Business Manager. You can find more information about implementing the fb:pages tag in the Facebook Developer's documentation: Open Graph-Object Properties.
    • This option appears to work and is the easiest for authors to manage.
    • Add <meta property="fb:pages" content="...">, with "..." filled in with one or more Facebook page IDs to the Head Content section on the Advanced tab of Properties (then reactivate that page), then those Facebook page(s) will be associated with that UBCMS page "in order to enable link editing and instant article publishing."
    • e.g. <meta property="fb:pages" content="237207172959659"> (used by School of Nursing)
  2. Upload an HTML file provided by Facebook to your website's root directory then confirm domain ownership in Business Manager.
    • We presume this could be accomplished in the UBCMS using CRXDE to create the file and activate it. Then you would tell Facebook to check for the file and it will then confirm you 'own' that server, since only the server 'owner' would be able to put that content in place. This will require assistance from the DCT Help Team.
  3. Add a DNS TXT entry to your DNS record to confirm that you own the domain.
    • This will be quite tricky or impossible for our servers.

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