Site Administration and Stewardship

To stay effective, every UBCMS site's owner should regularly review their business strategy and site performance measures, and every page needs an assigned manager, appropriate subject matter experts, an established timetable for regular review, performance measures, and a workflow for any updates.

  • Analytics
    Steward your site by monitoring usage.
  • Copyright and Privacy Compliance
    We expect that all UBCMS websites will be in compliance with UB policies. If you have questions about copyright in regards to your website, contact the CIO's Information Security Office.
  • Development Playground Space
    To assist in your site development, we can provide several types of 'playground' areas.
  • Link Maintenance
    Proactive link maintenance is an important part of stewardship and helps ensure that visitors will not encounter broken links when they go to your site.
  • Private Authoring
    Restrict access to a page, or Assets folder, and its children.
  • Reports
    Site details, including users, page status, annotations, vanity URLs, references, tags and use of external resources.
  • Roles and Permissions
    Learn about UBCMS roles and permissions or submit changes to allow or restrict access to your site. Be sure to have individuals removed from the UBCMS when they are no longer assigned to the UBCMS or leave your unit.
  • Stewardship Emails
    Email the page stewards on a specified date with your instructions.
  • Workflow
    Custom processes can be implemented for your site that will insure reviewers can oversee site modifications.

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