Private Authoring

Restrict access to a page or assets folder and its children.


Be cautious enabling this on a page. Always work with your Unit Web and Tech leads. Always have more than one person with access, to facilitate backup. Use the form below to request access to the full documentation.

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Last reviewed: March 28, 2022


This feature is intended to restrict access to pages or Assets in the Author environment, so that only the chosen users can view or modify that content. The property is inherited, so when a page is restricted, this carries over to the children as well, and when applied to an Assets folder, all the content of that folder as well as any sub-folders and their content are also restricted. It can be used on regular Web pages as well as Shared Content.

Be cautious about using this feature:

  • Critical players may be unaware these pages are not visible in Author, or in Reports.
  • Be sure to give access to more than one person and consider team backup.
  • The restrictions must include the right set of authors and publishers. It may disrupt normal team operations especially  workflows.
  • Don't publish until ready! The feature does not restrict display on live websites.

Access to the complete documentation for this feature is restricted:

  • Only a UWL can authorize access to view the complete documentation.
  • UWLs must contact the DCT Help Team to request access to this documentation for specific users.
  • We will also give YOU access to the documentation.
  • Authorized users must already have access to your site (as Viewer/Author/Specialist/Publisher) to use Private Authoring.
  • Remember to tell us to remove access to this documentation when they no longer need it.

The UBCMS is not an appropriate place for ANY regulated private data, such as bank credit/debit card numbers, government-issued ID numbers, health information or computer passwords.

Authorize Access to the Documentation

Unit Web Leaders (only) can use this form to authorize access to view the Private Authoring documentation.


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