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Email page stewards on a specified date with your instructions.

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Last reviewed: March 15, 2023


Using the 'Email Steward on Review Date' setting on the Stewardship tab in page Properties, an email is automatically sent to the designated stewards on a specified date. This reminder can also be set to repeat at a set interval. The page does not need to be published. Emails are sent once daily at 7 a.m. If a reminder is created for the current day, the email will be sent immediately upon saving page Properties.

  • Steward UBITName (or Email) - One or more UBITNames or email addresses, separated by a space, comma or semicolon are required.
  • Site Manager (UBitname)  - Used as the email's From field. If no value is set, the value in the parent page or home page is used. (If none is specified, the email will come from
  • Review Date * (and time) is required.
  • Email Steward on Review Date - Must be selected once the other required details are completed.
  • Send recurring reminder every X days from review date -  Provide a number of days to set the interval for subsequent emails. Default is zero (no repetition).
  • Describe the Frequency - Optionally provide a verbal description of the intended cycle; e.g. 'monthly' (30 days), "biannual' (180 days).
  • Stewardship Notes - If provided will be included in the body of the email.

Note: All fields are included in the Page Report but do not influence the email.

These reminders can be set for regular Web pages, or for Shared Content.

For Web pages, the Site Manager becomes the 'From' address in the email, and if blank, the system pulls the value set in its parent page, and if blank, looks to its parent, ultimately up to your home page. If no value is set even for the home page, the system defaults to

For shared content pages, if the Site Manager field is blank, the system scans up through the tree to your topmost shared content page, e.g. /content/shared/your-site (even if that page is not a published page in your live website) to establish the From address..

Remember to Check the 'Site Manager' Value

Your stewardship emails come 'From' the Site Manager value in Properties (or the value set for your site in general).  

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