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Older content collections are automatically labeled as 'archived' to mitigate accessibility concerns.

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Last reviewed: December 8, 2022


UB accessibility policy allows older webpages to be archived so they no longer need to be stewarded for accessibility (including broken links). Pages just need to be labeled as 'archived', they do not need to be physically relocated.

The Date Created component on any published UBCMS page with a datetime surpassing five years will automatically display the statement "this article is archived content", with a link to a page that explains your content may no longer be fully accessible (e.g. it may have outdated information, dead links, or other issues) plus a path to request accommodations.

Opt Out - The updated component will include a disable setting, but this will need to be applied on a page by page basis.

The statement will appear automatically on all live pages. There is no need to republish.

Technical Details

The time-stamp specified in the component is compared to the current date and time so in effect the adjustment determination is made to the minute. However, updating the server cache to display this new version of an existing page requires some sort of connected authoring activity (e.g. modification and publication, a code deployment, or a cache flush trigger). So display of the archive statement on existing live content may not be precisely current, but in practice there should never be more than a lag of a few days. Conversely, removing this statement by adjusting the component's time-stamp would normally involve page modification and republication, which would update the cache almost immediately.


screenshot of an archived page on a large screen device.

An archived page on a large screen device.

screenshot of an archived page on a small screen device.

An archived page on a small screen device.


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