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This feature on our live websites informs users about our user tracking policy.

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Published June 6, 2024


This banner is a feature on our live websites that informs users about tracking / cookie usage and actively requests their consent in compliance with privacy laws like Europe's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It brings our practice into conformance with current Web practice, including and other SUNY schools.

When a visitor first views one of our pages, a popup banner will display at the bottom of the screen that announces UB’s existing privacy tracking method (also see the screenshots below): 

Your Privacy is Important To Us. uses cookies to help build a better website experience for our visitors. Learn more in our Privacy Policy.  [Okay]

This makes it more obvious that we are tracking some of their presence on our websites than the more passive 'Privacy' link in our footer (which will remain). It includes a link to our privacy policy and a button to acknowledge the notification. If they click 'Okay', the banner will no longer display on any UB website they subsequently visit.

Clicking 'Okay' sets a cookie in their browser that will be accepted across all our websites unless they later clear their cookies or switch to a different device or browser.  

We are pushing this onto all UBCMS websites, and also making it available to non-UBCMS sites as well.

UBCMS Websites

The feature is enabled by default for all UBCMS sites.

Non-UBCMS Websites

To add the banner to sites on other platforms, include this embeddable code in the site's main header or footer:

<script async src="" data-privacy-url="URL_GOES_HERE" data-z-index="999999" ></script>
  • Replace 'URL_GOES_HERE' with the link to your site's privacy policy page. (UB's privacy policy is linked from the footer of this page.)
  • The 'data-z-index' attribute is optional.

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