Shared Content Catalog

A collection of authoritative content for use on your websites.

  • For Top Level Pages
    Key institutional messages about the university, our three campuses, our schools and colleges.
  • University Messaging
    Key institutional messages about the university's brand and reputation.

This content must be used when a unit wishes to display information that exists in the Authoritative Content folder. It often touches on topics with legal or business contexts, is developed by experts in that subject area, and will be maintained, so it can be trusted and its use protects the university's brand. Examples of authoritative content include Accessibility Commitment statement and Department of Defense statement.

University-wide shared content is created and maintained by one office but intended for use by the university at large. It can be contributed to by unit who manages content that they feel may be useful to others. This content is developed by content experts, so it is safe to use and will be maintained. Examples include articles from UB's News Center and UB Now.