Improving UB's Web presence

The goal of the Digital Communications Transformation (DCT) is to help units across our campuses create and manage more effective websites to reach their target audiences.

Schools, departments and other units are encouraged to become part of the DCT. As the number of participants increases, the university will project a more cohesive Web presence.

  • Steps to Completing the DCT
    Follow these steps to complete the Digital Communications Transformation (DCT) process for your organization.
  • Tiers of Participation
    Every unit goes through the DCT Process differently. Based on the type of unit you are, and the resources you are able to bring to the table your experience with the DCT Process is tailored to you. No matter what tier you participate in, or how rapidly you choose to execute the process, each unit goes through all the DCT Steps in a depth appropriate to their unit.
  • Live DCT Websites
    A list of the websites that have been launched using the UB Content Management System.