Compare Pages (DIFF)

Compare two versions of a page, usually the current with the last published.

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Zoom image: Compare Version tool Location of the Compare Version tool in the Timeline.

Compare Version tool

Sometimes it is helpful to look at another version of a page in comparison to the current version.

  1. In the Sites Console, select your page.
  2. Click the Toggle Side Panel button and open the Timeline drawer.
  3. The most recent changes are at the bottom. Click More... to see older details.
    • Tip: you can filter the list to just show versions using the dropdown menu at the top of the Timeline.
  4. Click a saved Version to reveal the option to Compare to Current.
    • A new screen will load, showing both pages. The current version is on the left, while the other version is on the right.
    • Some differences are color coded: new components or text additions highlighted in green and deletions in red.
    • Highlights only apply to content that is actually part of page. External references to Shared Content pages in lists or embeds, DAM assets, or third party sites will show whatever is current in those locations. Site Navigation (to other pages) will also show current content.
  5. Click Close (upper right of the window) or back up in the browser when you are finished.
Zoom image: Compare Version shows both versions side by side. Compare Version page shows current and older versions side by side. Highlighting shows additions in green and deletions in red with strikethrough. Changes are shown for Title, Intro Text, Callout and Body Text components. The embedded Photo is also shown to be different.

Compare Version shows both versions side by side.

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