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Shared Content can redirect visitors to other UBCMS pages or external sites.

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Last reviewed: May 24, 2022


Any regular UBCMS page can be created using the Redirect Template, but by using shared content, you can also build a teaser that provides more context for the visitor and also reveals this context in a carousel or list in the UBCMS. And these pages can redirect to UBCMS, or to non-UBCMS sites.


  1. Build a shared content page using the News Template. 
  2. Keep the Date Created (needed to support meaningful date-sorting).
  3. In the page Properties, edit the teaser title, description, and image to build a decent teaser (or use the exposed teaser at the bottom of the page).
  4. In page Properties, on the Advanced tab, add a Redirect URL (can be within the UBCMS or to a non-UBCMS site).
  5. You can now delete the rest of the page’s contents.

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