Copy Tags From Parent

Quickly transfer a tag bundle to a child page.

Published February 16, 2022


This setting is located in Properties, on the Basic tag, just under Tags.

  • Copy tags from parent
    • Pulls in all tags that are currently on this page's parent page.
    • This is a one-way function (parent page to this child).
    • Tags are added in addition to existing tags. It does not over-write.
    • Additional tags can be added later manually.
    • The tool can be used again later.
    • This child page is not effected by new tags that are subsequently added to the parent page. (There is no continuous inheritance.)

    Power tip: Collate related pages under a common parent page and add a set of suitable tags to that parent. Then when you create a new page under that parent, you can copy the parent tags to the new page so you do not have to remember which tags.

Please pay attention to what gets copied over from the parent page in case the tags are unsuitable for this child page and to prevent it accidentally appearing in the wrong feeds.

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