About the UB Content Management System (UBCMS)

CMS stands for Content Management System. A Web CMS is used to create, edit, manage, search and publish various kinds of content on a webpage, including text, images and digital media. A CMS does not require a user to have knowledge of HTML or CSS scripting. Instead, the focus is on developing rich and up-to-date content. 

About the Software

The UBCMS system uses an application called Adobe Experience Manager.

Important Features

Improved authors experience

  • ease of use regardless of technical competency

Web management features

  • ability to assign individuals and groups specific roles and responsibilities, allowing access only to particular content
  • definition of workflow tasks to ensure content is approved before publishing

Leveraging our work

  • separation of presentation from content so materials can be repurposed and shared
  • ability to track and manage multiple versions of a single instance of content, ensuring accuracy
  • content syndication, enriching multiple sites

Improved user experience

  • templates and components that allow for flexibility in presentation, while retaining a consistent user and brand experience
  • consistency in navigation with a friendly user experience

Stronger infrastructure

  • centralized servers and applications along with secure systems administration