Creating Events

We encourage all calendar contributors to familiarize themselves with each of the event creation fields detailed below as well as their accompanying best practices. Doing so will make it easier for calendar users to find events.


Event Details:

Last reviewed: March 16, 2022

Getting Started

Sign in: Go to the UB Events Calendar and scroll to the footer. Click “Sign In” and provide your UBITName and password.

Click My Profile to adjust your personal profile (e.g. turn off notifications).

Click Manage to create or adjust events. This will load the Event Manager Dashboard.

Create an event: Once you sign in, mouse over the left sidepanel and click “Create an Event.”

Save/publish a new event: If you have permission to publish your own events, you will see an 'Approve' button at the bottom of the event creation screen. If you do not have publishing permissions, click “Save” and let your authorized approver know you have an event waiting to be published. They will also get a notification and see it listed in their Pending panel in the events dashboard.

Manage existing events: If you have Unit Admin permissions, you can us ethe Event Manager dashboard to find events, and approve (publish) or later edit/cancel/delete them. Also, when you are signed in, a link to Edit will be displayed when you are viewing an existing event in the live calendar.

It is critical to work with your calendar team lead or senior communicator to ensure events support the UB brand, include all required settings and keywords, are coded to appear on the appropriate website feeds, and are easy for your users to find.

Event Manager Dashboard

From the calendar, footer, sign in then click Manage to open the Event Manager.

This dashboard initially displays all events (approved, pending, denied, save) from this date & time forward that you have permissions to see.

A series of options are displayed on the left under Filters.

  • Quick Filter - click to just see 'My Events' (those you personally added).
  • Adjust the other filters to see past, canceled or deleted events, or narrow by location, date, Category, or Requester (contributor).
  • Not used by UB: Visibility (e.g. private), Invoiced, Organization.
  • Click Reset to return to the default settings.

At the far left an additional sidepanel provides access to the main calendar settings.

Create a New Event (event details)

Below are instructions for completing the fields in a new event. They are presented in the order in which they appear on the event creation screen.

Where Do Links Go?

Put links that provide more information or a registration form in the Description field. There is a toolbar that will help you properly encode the hyperlink.

Location & Time

Want to change the date or time?

If you want to change the time, or wish to change the event to a different date, delete the existing time block first or you will get TWO events (one on the original date and time, and a new event on the new date and time).

Contact Information

Categories & Keywords

Additional Information