Here are all the patches, updates and improvements we have made in 2013.



  • fixed excessive messages in the server error logs


  • fixed related video, YouTube video, YouTube video playlist  and flex module components to allow access to http content from https pages (UC1962)
  • fixed download component in shared content area issue for center page area and shared content reference (UC1914)
  • fixed PDF files linked through DAM automatically adding .html to the end issue (UC1874)
  • fixed unit test list page failure for demo site
  • fixed the space bug for “On this Page” component (UC1957)
  • changed link underline color and link color for “On this Page” component
  • changed demo site title.
  • Custom URL shortening for AP news and events 
  • Vendor fix for page node type corruption and cleanup of currently affected nodes
  • collapsible content component added (UC #1754)


  • added new "On this Page" component
  • fixed missing image placeholder in author
  • (rwd-preview only) added adaptive image quality for mobile and hi-res images
  • (rwd-preview only) fixed image update after using image dialog box
  • (rwd-preview only) renamed appendaround component to "Content Optimization Container" and adjusted dialog box
  • (rwd-preview only) fixes in media queries for old version of YUI compressor
  • (rwd-preview only) fixes for RWD on two-column-left-banner pages (detail)
  • new template maker tool
  • changed YouTube video embed to use iframe, and thus work in some cases where Flash is unavailable
  • changed YouTube video thumbnails to use user-selected thumbnails
  • fixed page properties image upload bug (UC1737)
  • fixed exception in ubfeed importer on feeds with no dates
  • fixed ub mobile maps refresh bug in android 4.3
  • changes in preparation of mobile responsive web design (RWD) piloting
  • fixed UB mobile maps bug for exact location and categories list bar to show, and improvement to GPS hang during location seek.
  • made changes so news list component uses image portrait orientation. (WIP1037)
  • added an html p tag and a CSS class for non-event texts in the event list module. (UC1732)
  • page maintainer fixes.


  • Fixed the "ANY" option in List from Tags
  • Added various Facilities redirects


  • made search results component textbox label configurable (UC1431)
  • intro text or body text with empty p tag fixed to not display in page teaser (UC1712)
  • image from list from shared content is not sized correctly when viewing detail page (UC1710)
  • added descriptive label to HTML snippet (1694)
  • fixed problem with mobile list component and some other author-specific CSS and JS loading since 5.5. upgrade
  • fixed sharethis module in IE
  • fixed sharethis module on https pages
  • fixed iParsys inheritance button since 5.5 upgrade
  • fixed photos in share content zoom not working (UC1598/UC1653)
  • changes for UB Mobile app (analytics, maps, departments)


  • added ubfacultyexperts.buffalo.edu virtual host to redirect to UB News site


  • changed list component title sorting to be case insensitive (UC1631)
  • re-suppressed anti-spam and recaptcha e-mailed form result
  • updated RAVE email recipients address (RT379966)
  • fixed download component on shared content pages (WIP535)

6/21/2013 (5.5 upgrade)


  • Fixed indent/outdent buttons in the Rich Text Editor (“body text” and related components) when not in a bulleted/numbered list.   


  • Modified photo slideshow component to retain any child nodes that are not image nodes (such as annotations)


  • UB Mobile Web Analytics trackPage
  • removed extra space below horizontal slidedeck (1089)
  • applied directory entry style on homepage (1454)
  • removed extra space below iFrame (1286)
  • allowed links within pages from fixed list (0523)


  • fixed DispatcherTrigger bug causing it to incorrectly disable itself on server start
  • Config change to external logger.
  • Fixed forms with checkboxes or radio buttons that did not work properly when using Internet Explorer and client validation.(1512)
  • Fixed Faces and Voices pages without an image that broke the display of the page when used in a carousel or list (1525).
  • fixed text cut-off issue in vertical carousel right side navigation/links (1509)
  • added visible identifying info in headers on QA, dev servers
  • optimized dispatcher flush triggers
  • added code in preparation for switching on UB Alert banner on all sites
  • changed link checker settings to fix password-protected page links (1426)
  • changed apache proxy configuration to launch University Communications site
  • removed access to reports button for specialists and administrators (everyone) to prevent accidental problems


  • added logging of antispam values
  • Store Form Data Fix (reverse replication fix) (partial)
  • Added option to open link in a new window on the button, call to action, photo, phototeaser, title and directory list components (WIP 1188)
  • changed apache proxy configuration and CQ mapping rules to launch UB Reporter site


  • removed extra headline on news template and demo page (WIP 1298)
  • updated mobile "no events" page
  • added apache virtualhost and CQ mapping rules to launch SPHHP site