Anchors misbehave in Author

In the author environment, anchors may behave unexpectedly, and not always load the browser at the right part of the page.

Reviewed June 3, 2022

The Issue

Several components (e.g. Title, Body Text) allow embedding of anchors, linkable targets on a page.  Links can then be created that should open the browser at that specific part of the page.  In the author environment, these anchors do not always function as expected, and the page may load displaying another part of the page instead.


There is no direct workaround.This is essentially 'normal' behavior for the UBCMS, and the problem appears to be generated by other programming, such as loading the Sidekick.  The published page should function as expected.  

You can also disable a lot of the additional behavior by the author environment by adding '?wcmmode=disabled' to the browser  location bar (NOT to an actual link on your page); e.g. .

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