Cannot make an editable child for a Redirect page

When a page has been created using the Redirect Template, and a child page is added, the content on the child page cannot be modified.

Reviewed June 3, 2022

The Issue

The content on most UBCMS pages and their children can be modified through adding and editing components. The Redirect Page is an exception, since it is normally intended just to pass users transparently on to another target page. This exception also applies to children of a Redirect Page even if they are built from one of the more standard templates.

The Redirect Page template uses the same design settings as the site's Shared Content template. Normally child pages inherit this setting from the site’s home page, but a redirect page's children inherit the shared content setting instead. This setting is not compatible with standard Web pages and will not permit the addition of any components.

Most authors will not encounter this limitation since users cannot navigate to those child pages through the natural connections in the UBCMS (a direct link is required to get around the redirect). But occasionally it may be useful to add a child to a redirect page; for example, the redirect could send users to a form on an external website. Once they complete the form, the users could be sent back to the child as a 'thank you' page. This would maintain consistent navigation and their location within the UBCMS site.  


This is considered 'normal behavior' of the UBCMS and there are no plans to change it.

One workaround is to use the Redirect template, build a child page, and then edit the child page's Page Properties. Set the Design field in the Advanced tab to the same value as the site’s home page (e.g. /etc/designs/mgt for the /content/mgt website).

Alternately, instead of using a page built using the Redirect template, use a page built using the Standard template and set a redirect in the Advanced tab of the Page Properties.

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