More than one Formstack form per page causes problems

Reviewed June 3, 2022

The Issue

Authors have reported various problems when two or more Formstack form are loaded onto one UBCMS page.

The vendor warns against embedding more than one Formstack form on a page when both are using the JavaScript Embed Script. Our UBCMS Formstack component uses the js/jquery snippet, so loading two of these components can cause conflicts in the scripting.

> Read more about this issue on Formstack's website


Formstack suggests a second form can be added using an iFrame, which is possible by placing the second Formstack form in an HTML Snippet.

We suggest this step only be taken by a developer!

Additional steps are necessary:

  • Paste Formstack's iframe-based embed code (not the usual JS/jquery version) into an HTML Snippet component.
  • Specify the height or the form will be displayed in a scrolling pane within your UBCMS page.
  • Adjust the height if you in future adjust the form contents in Formstack, and probably find a way to set the height differently for mobile users using a separate HTML Snippet in an Content Optimization Container.
  • We block Formstack Component headings from the On This Page component, but this will not block matching headings in an HTML Snippet.

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