Pasting from an external table into a UBCMS Table does not always work

Reviewed June 3, 2022

The Issue

Authors report inconsistent behavior when they attempt to copy content from an external source (e.g. Excel table) and paste it directly into an existing UBCMS Table component.

This procedure appears to work well in some browsers (e.g. Chrome) and not work well or fail completely in others (e.g. Firefox).

Initial investigation suggests that Chrome currently supports this process, where each Excel cell cleanly maps over to a UBCMS cell, new cells are created as needed, and incompatible formating is filtered out.

We believe you first need to select a cell in the UBCMS table for it to work.

In contrast, Firefox currently tries to load the entire table into one UBCMS cell, with its formating intact, which normally causes the process to fail.  


We encourage authors to try this as appropriate, since it can save a lot of work reproducing an external table, cell by cell, but we cannot guarantee these browsers will continue to perform in this way, and have not tested this procedure with multiple browsers or operating systems.

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