Photo Gallery images are out of order

The image order of the live gallery does not match what is shown in Author or in the parent Assets folder.

Reviewed June 3, 2022

The Issue

We have received a report that the image order of the live Photo Gallery does not match what is shown on the page in Author or the order in the parent Assets folder.

The Photo Gallery uses an entire Assets folder rather than individually selected images and depends on the order of the images in that parent folder.


The order of assets in the Photo Gallery depend on the order of assets in the Assets folder.

Often the Flex UI Assets console shows a sorted view, not the natural order that will be used for the gallery, which is where the apparent disconnect surfaces. The Content Tree (file tree) will show the same sorted order that shows in the file View, and not the real order.

To see the natural order, go to the List view, and make sure none of the column headings has any up or down arrows next to them. Click the arrows if present one or two times until they go away. This is the natural order.

Always create orderable folders in Assets by checking the 'Orderable' checkbox when creating the folder in Flex UI. If a folder is not orderable, you can change this settings in the folder’s Properties, but the folder must then be manually unpublished (including all its contents) and re-published for the orderable setting to transfer to the live server.

Similarly, an asset must be re-published after manually re-ordering it for the new order to go into effect on the live site.

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