Documentation Update: new Permissions Audit Report | Assets Browser tweak | Table ID | Code Deployments

Updated May 20, 2022

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Updates for the week ending May 20, 2022

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Permission Audit Report (Site Administration & Stewardship tools) - Team leads can now monitor who has access to their pages.

Assets Browser - Video category is now Audio/Video so audio assets can be selected for use in pages (e.g. File Download or Audio Player components).

Table (Components Library) - An ID can now be added to the entire table (for direct references in links from other pages. Also, the table dialog box has been sorted into multiple tabs....

Code deployments:

  • 05/18/2022
    • Table style and accessibility fixes
    • Assets: added Audio/Video to filter
    • Reports: new Permission Audit report
    • Grid Story List (pilot): slides can now open in new window
    • Plus additional accessibility tweaks to File Download, Full Width Carousel, Brag Carousel, and Flex UI dialog box tool tips.