Home page cannot be a Host page

Host pages are used to display shared content, such as news stories. The UBCMS will not allow you to use your home page in that manner.

Reviewed June 3, 2022

The Issue

Often websites build a specific page to serve as a 'host' for Shared Content. For example, a site may have a News page where a variety of news stories can be displayed in a similar fashion.

For example, this relationship is set up using the 'Host page' setting in the List Builder component, or the 'Full list page' setting in a News List component.

The UBCMS will not allow a website's home page to be used in this way. It will allow you to enter the home page as the host page location, but the shared content will simply not load onto the page. No error message will be shown.


There is no workaround.

This is normal behavior for the UBCMS, and is intended to protect your users from the confusion of having your home page overpowered by a piece of shared content. It also provides protection from someone pushing inappropriate content onto your home page.

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