List Builder Component

Build lists of links (bullets, teasers or entire pages).

On this page:

  • Beware of duplicate link text.
  • List Teaser images require Alt text.
  • Link text should be meaningful.
  • Use 'Open in New Window' sparingly.

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Last reviewed: May 20, 2022

Using This Component

This component initially has only the List tab. A second tab with corresponding settings appears after the Build list using option is chosen.

Split long lists into several pages

Lists with more than 500 teasers will generate a server error and not show any results. More details in this Known Issue: Page editing slow / lists break when too many components are included.

In lists, teaser thumbnails are square to better support all image shapes. When present, the teaser will preferentially use an image in set in the Page Properties (see Page Properties: Image tab). Consider adding a customized image there in addition to what is on your page, or recrop what you have previously loaded there to work better as a square thumbnail.

Tip: Learn how to make a quick link to the top of your page.

Technical Restrictions

  • Mobile limit is not compatible with pagination.

Configure - Main Settings

Click the wrench icon to 'configure' these settings.

List Tab

Accessibility Concerns

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