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Prominent links providing key tasks.

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Last Reviewed: May 17, 2022

Using This Component

This component has three tabs, Call to Action Button Bar, List and Curated List. (If Child Pages is selected as the list type, the third tab switches to display corresponding settings.)

This component is intended to be placed just above the footer.

Click the wrench icon to 'configure' these settings.

Brand and Stewardship Considerations

Because of its prominent placement, this should only be used for high value conversions or information needs related to critical key tasks. The wording must be tight and on-target and the choices should be supported by regular evaluation and assessment.

Technical Restrictions

  • This component is intended to be placed just above the footer.

Configure - Main Settings

Call to Action Button Bar tab

Provide an optional Title for the bar.

List tab

Chose between the Child Pages and Curated List options. This selection will load an additional tab to house related settings.

Best Practices

This component is best placed towards the end of the page, to reinforce key items once people get farther down the page.

Advanced Use - Google Analytics Tags

Use this Google Analytics tag to track 'Events' for usage of the Call to Action Button Bar component.  

  • cta-button-bar
Not sure how to use Google Analytics Events?

Try this free Google Analytics Academy Training.

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