Sidebar Components

Sidebar components are used mainly in the right sidebar areas and on some homepages. The Flex Module can also be used in the left sidebar.

* Components flagged below have the same settings as their core/more component versions.

  • 3/29/21
    Prominent link with customizable image.
  • 4/9/21
    Highlight important text (e.g. a warning or tip).
  • 9/22/21
    An interactive carousel of teasers to a series of pages from your site (for narrow columns).
  • 3/29/21
    Adjust content or layout for small-screen devices.
  • 8/5/21
    A feed from UB Events Calendar.
  • 9/22/21
    Bundle a headline, image or video, with text and related links (for narrow columns).
  • 9/22/21
    Display a list of news story headlines (for narrow columns).
  • 3/29/21
    Display shared content on your page.
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