Sidebar Components

Sidebar components are used mainly in the right sidebar areas and on some homepages. The Flex Module can also be used in the left sidebar.

* Components flagged below have the same settings as their core/more component versions.

Bring more attention to a link by controlling the width, color, shape and wording of the button.
Highlight important text on your page, such as time-sensitve dates, tips on a particular process, or a specific warning.
Display a rotating series of Web pages. Clickable controls allow visitors to cycle through the list.
Control where content is positioned on a page depending on whether the visitor is using a large-resolution device such as a desktop computer or iPad, or a screen that is smaller than 720 pixel width, such as a smartphone.
Display events from the UB Calendar in your page's sidebar.
Display a linked headline, image or video, descriptive text and a list of related links all in one sidebar module.
Display news headlines in the sidebar of your page.
Display content from another page within the UBCMS.