Related Content Components

Share related links, videos, photos, pull quotes and file downloads in a slim column to the right of your main content area.

  • Related Content Container
    Small floating sidebar that hosts other Related Content components.

You must add the Related Content Container to a page before the other components will be visible in the Sidekick.

* Components flagged below have the same settings as their core/more component versions.

  • Divider *
    A visual break between components.
  • File Download *
    Allow viewers to download a file.
  • Links
    Display a list of links in the Related Content Container.
  • Photo
    Display a photo in the Related Content Container (plus title, text, and related links).
  • Pull Quote
    Display a prominent quotation in the Related Content Container.
  • Share and Print
    Printing and social media sharing toolbar for the Related Content Container.
  • Video
    Embed a YouTube video in the Related Content Container.
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