Form Components

These components are used to build online forms. By combining these built-in form components, you can create a wide variety of forms to meet most basic needs.

Learn more about forms in Advanced Topics.

Primary Form Components

Add the Form Container to a page first, configure it, and then add other form components. Be sure to place all the components between the Start and End sections.

The UBCMS is not an appropriate place for ANY regulated private data, such as bank credit/debit card numbers, government-issued ID numbers, health information or computer passwords.

Do not build forms in shared content

Keep your forms on regular webpages. Building them in shared content can interfere with normal functionality, such as validation.

Note: all form field names must be unique

For example, if you build your form by copying a component (e.g. to add a second Text Field), be sure to change the ID.

Secondary Form Components

These provide the various fields you will use to fill out your form.

  • 4/9/21
    Form checklist (can select multiple items).
  • 4/9/21
    Form dropdown (can select multiple items).
  • 4/9/21
    Form widget to upload a file.
  • 9/21/21
    Embed an alternative to the UBCMS native forms.
  • 4/9/21
    Include hidden information when form submits.
  • 4/9/21
    Form checklist (can select only one item).
  • 4/9/21
    Blocks spam (must solve a puzzle to submit form).
  • 4/9/21
    Customizable submission button (required).
  • 4/9/21
    Submitter types information (e.g. name or email).
  • 5/5/21
    Pulls LDAP details about the submitter (only UB constituents).
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