Divider Component

A visual break between components.

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Last reviewed: July 19, 2023

Using This Component

This component has only one tab. Click the wrench icon to configure these settings.

Technical Restrictions

Configure - Main Settings

  • Style: Choose between:
    • Dotted line (default)
    • Double Line - Intended for use in the Related Content Container. When placed there, the double line will display by default.
    • Blank - Use to create extra white space on the page.
  • Clear Float: Decide whether you want a clear float of Left (default), Right, Left and Right (i.e. 'both'), or None.
    • Use to ensure the divider will float BELOW another component that has been set to float on the page, such as the Photo Component or Related Content Container. For example, if you select None, the divider might wind up next to a photo.
  • Whitespace above divider * - Adjust the blank space between the preceding content and this component by specifying a number of pixels. (e:g. ‘5’).
  • Whitespace below divider * - Adjust the blank space that follows this component before the next component by specifying a number of pixels. (e:g. ‘5’).

* Negative numbers can also be used. Make small adjustments so the component does not shift above or behind adjacent components. Test in Mobile as well.   

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