Body Text Component

A block of text.

On this page:

  • Alt text setting for hyperlinks in text components.
  • Link text should be meaningful.
  • Create headings with the Title component.
  • Use the Open in New Window setting sparingly.

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Last reviewed: November 11, 2022

Using This Component

This component is blank by default.

Select the component then choose between Edit (pencil icon) or Configure (wrench icon) to add or edit the content. (For this component, both avenues provide the same functionality.) A Rich Text Editor supports basic formatting (bold, italics and bullets) as well as hyperlinks.

Pre-formatted text can be pasted in from other sources (e.g. a word processor or a non-UBCMS website). This allows inclusion of special characters, hyperlinks, and simple text formatting (e.g. bold, italics, underlining), while incompatible formatting will be suppressed (e.g. font colors, different font types or sizes, headings, lists, and images) and you will often see extra blank lines or spaces. Expect to do some cleanup before you are done.

The component opened for editing a hyperlink, using the Rich Text Editor.

The component opened for editing a hyperlink, using the Rich Text Editor.

Select a word or phrase and click the 'Chain' tool to build a clickable hyperlink.

Add the corresponding URL or use the magnifying glass to browse for a target page within the UBCMS.

Alt Text - This optional setting provides additional labeling for hyperlinks to clarify where the link will take the reader. This text supplies the 'Title' in the embedded HTML <a> tag, which is not a heading, but is instead read by screen readers and is also displayed as a mouse hover tool tip by some browsers. This is especially useful when the URL also serves as the link text, which can get flagged as an accessibility error. See Accessibility Concerns for more details.

Enhancing Your Text

Learn how to use the Rich Text Editor to enhance text with hyperlinks, anchors and more.

Technical Restrictions

  • When pasting in pre-formatted text from another program, incompatibly formatted text will be suppressed, while other details (e.g. font color, different fonts, text styled as a heading, list items, images) will just be ignored.
  • Do not link to DAM assets using a relative path (/content/dam/...) -- for these you must use a separate File Download component. > read more about this Known Issue

Accessibility Concerns

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