Call to Action Component

Prompt visitors to click a link.

On this page:

  • Additional Label Text Setting
  • Link text should be meaningful
  • Use the Open in New Window setting sparingly.

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Last reviewed: November 11, 2022

Using This Component

This component has only one tab. It loads with the default 'Learn more' text displayed. Click the wrench icon to configure these settings.

Technical Restrictions

  1. This component requires a hyperlink.
  2. If the URL is outside the UBCMS, a prefix like http:// or https:// must be included.

Configure - Main Settings

Call to Action tab

The default text "Learn more" is preloaded with a medium bullet.

This component requires a link (that field is highlighted in red).

Title - Enter your desired link text. Best practice is to use language that compels action.

  • The default text "Learn more" is preloaded.

Additional Label Text - Allows for a longer description to assist screen readers to give more context for repetitive buttons on the same page.

Link - Add the corresponding URL or use the magnifying glass to browse for a target page within the UBCMS.

Display Size: Three style options are provided

  • Large (default) - largest font and bullet
  • Medium - mid-sized font and bullet
  • Small - smallest font and bullet, same as default List Builder link
  • Module "See All" style - Title is capitalized and right-aligned *

* The Module "see all" style mimics the 'see all' link in the Flex Module, Carousel (or Lists). In cases where a module component (e.g. flex module or carousel) does not meet your needs, this new option allows authors to create the look of a module using other components with the combination still matching other modules on the page. 

Accessibility Concerns

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