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Prominent link with customizable image.

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  • Additional Label Text Setting.
  • Link text should be meaningful.
  • Use 'Open in New Window' Sparingly.

> Read more about making this component accessible.

Last reviewed: May 17, 2022

Using This Component

This component has two tabs: Button Link and Advanced.

It can be placed in the page header, main body or in the right sidebar. It can also be used on a homepage. When it is first placed on the page, the default "Learn more" text is displayed, in a gray box.

Click the wrench icon to 'configure' these settings.

Note: the Button component uses CSS3 and may look slightly different depending on the Web browser being used.

Technical Restrictions

  • The yellow color is intended to be used for emergency communications, to supplement the Issues Advisory Banner.

Configure - Main Settings

Button Link Tab

Button Text - Type the wording you want displayed on your button (Learn More is the default text).

Additional Label Text - Allows for a longer description to assist screen readers to give more context for repetitive buttons on the same page.

Link - Enter a URL here to turn the title into a clickable hyperlink. Use the magnifying glass to browse for a target page within the UBCMS.

Open in new window - This optional setting forces the clicked link to open in a new browser tab or window.

  • When that is selected, an additional icon will follow the linked text, to alert visitors that they will be taken to a new browser window, or even leave the current website.
  • If the hyperlink goes to a downloadable file, an document icon will instead be shown as well as the file size if the file is on the same server.
  • Read more about link labels.

Advanced Tab

The Advanced tab allows you to customize the component by choosing the width and color.

Width - Choose from:  

  • Width of Text (default, buttons appear side by side)
  • Full Width (buttons stack vertically) *
* Full width will fill the available space.

Button Color - Choose from:

  • Gray (default)
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Green
  • White
  • Yellow **

** Yellow was added for use in emergency communications, to supplement the Issues Advisory Banner.

Note: An older version of this component had settings for shapes and text alignment, but these will be ignored if present.

Accessibility Concerns

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