Faces and Voices Hero Component

Prominent screen-wide carousel provides key messaging.

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Last reviewed: May 28, 2021

Using This Component

Add the component to the page. There is one main tab, Faces & Voices Items.  

A second tab with corresponding settings appears after the Build list using option is chosen.

This component displays a carousel of shared content built using the Faces and Voices template, applying standard list builder teaser settings.  

  • It is intended to share a carousel of quotations and is not a list of teaser links like the slide decks.
  • It uses UB-branded styling (see the settings below for color choices).
  • This component is very flexible. It will fill a full-width 12-column page, such as a home page, but also adapts well to narrower settings.
  • On small screens, or narrower applicationns, the presentation becomes more vertically oriented.
  • The font size of the descriptive text automatically adjusts to the volume of text entered.
  • An optional setting on the Shared Content Template page converts quotation marks to smart quotes.

Brand and Stewardship Considerations

  • Reserved for Collaborative and Guided Support tiers who have a current business strategy on file with DCT Help Team. Other tiers, please send your business case to the DCT Help Team.
  • Because of its prominent placement and size, high quality images are mandatory, accompanied with a meaningful, inclusive and balanced arrangement of quotations that further your strategic messaging and our UB brand, supported by regular evaluation and assessment.

Configuring the Component

Face and Voices Items tab

Title: Provide a descriptive title. The default is "Faces & Voices" -- delete that for no heading.

Color scheme: Choose between several UB-branded options for the display.

Width: Choose from Full screen width (default) or Full width of column

Best Practices

This component is intended to display shared content pages built using the Faces and Voices Template.

For those shared content pages, we suggest you bold the person's name but leave their affiliation or credentials in normal text in the Identification field. And if you are directly quoting them, add quotation marks to the Quote/Description field (or select the Smart Quotes setting in that field).

The photo will be displayed as a circle with a 1:1 ratio. We recommend 600 x 600 pixels as a minimum size.

Choosing Powerful Images

Becky Farnham (22:17)

Faces and Voices From an Editorial Perspective

Laura Silverman (19:19)

Watch a Master Class

See an Example

Google Analytics Tags

Use these Google Analytics tags to track 'Events' for usage of the Faces and Voices component.  

  • fv-hero-clicks - tracks clicks to linked articles/profiles
  • fv-hero-nav - tracks Next/Prev navigation
Not sure how to use Google Analytics Events?

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